Danielle Phippen
Chief Executive Officer
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For companies more than 50 years old, like ours, your story may be about humble beginnings or it may be about the fearless and unending drive to innovate, create and define an industry. Our story is the latter. Over 50 years ago, Access (wait for it) coined the term Destination Management and we have been defining and re-defining the industry ever since.

"We have been delivering bigger and bigger wows for over 50 years (and there's no stopping us!)"

Through the years, and the many ups and downs in our industry, Access has remained. After a few iterations, we have finally come home to our roots. Today, we stand as the only majority women-owned and women-led national DMC (how’s that for fearless women!); the very people who lead Access, are also the ones deeply invested as owners. We are also the only wholly owned company in our space with the largest national footprint, that sees us literally spanning coast-to-coast, and peaks-to-sand. Besides our stats (which are impressive) we stand for values deeply rooted in our culture that push us to Imagine First, never accepting an uninteresting ending for our clients' event stories. We Demand Integrity and Embody Excellence in every task, big and small (because if not, why bother?). We believe we are better and stronger together, so woven into the very fabric of our company is the value to Always Collaborate. And in the end, we design and execute wows for our clients, and to do that you have to have a Service Obsession, and let me tell you, we are obsessed with getting it right for each and every one of our clients.

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Even with all of these amazing elements of our company, if you ask anyone at Access what the single-most important key to our success is and they will tell you, the people. We are family. Every value we stand by and every success we stand on is built by the amazing individuals at Access.

Like a master brick layer, Access has been building and growing towards excellence as a company brick-by-brick. While 50 years ago, we may have made the box, we have spent every day since reimaging it. We don’t just think outside the box, we made the box, then we tore it down and rebuilt a better one, which we continue to push the limits of. And we’ll do it all over (again and again).