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In the meeting services industry and especially for DMCs, creating a “best place to work” environment can seem like a daunting task, but it is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. A positive workplace culture not only benefits employees, but also has a positive impact on the supporting the company’s key objectives. At Access, we create shared experiences, because shared experiences create the opportunity to both inspire and be inspired, and inspired people drive organizational change. We also believe that to achieve our brand promise, we must start from within, creating shared experiences for our own team.  Below are methods we use, to aspire each day to be a “best place to work” environment.

"As the largest majority women owned and led, national Destination Management Company, the success and diversity of our team is everything to us."

1. Cultivating a positive company culture

Company culture is the foundation of a great workplace. A positive company culture is one that values and respects its employees. It should be inclusive, supportive, and collaborative. When team members feel valued and respected, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to the company's goals, through a common set of values.  

At Access, our company values are the principles we stand strong for. The principles that move us forward.  Our values actually came from our team.  We truly believe in, and reinforce them everyday, and when you’re all on the same page, that’s pretty positive!  Especially when your values are about being imaginative, pursuing greatness, great service, integrity, and collaboration.  

2. Fostering communication

Communication is key to any successful workplace. Employers should make sure that communication channels are open and accessible to all employees. This includes regular meetings, email updates, and one-on-one meetings with managers. Employers should also encourage team members to voice their concerns and suggestions.  

The door is always open at Access, with each employee knowing who to go to with their feedback, suggestions and concerns. As a national destination management company operating in many destinations, it’s key for us to hold regular virtual meetings to share updates, wins, acknowledgements, and review KPIs and goals.  A regular schedule of all team, departmental and one-on-one meetings provides plenty of opportunity for communication and community within our team.  Our Access Community group on Facebook allows our team to connect and share wins on a regular basis.

3. Providing opportunities for growth and development

We believe it’s important to provide opportunities for team members to develop their skills and advance in their careers. This can include training programs, mentorship, and job rotations. When team members see that there is room for growth, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to the company.  

Access invests in each of our team members, with training and development opportunities throughout the year at regular all-team and departmental meetings.  Each year we invite all full-time team members to attend our company meeting, Envision, to learn, bond, collaborate and celebrate.  This is highly recommended if you want a happy, engaged and connected team that feels their company invests in their growth and development.  And yes, we do have a lot of fun together too…bonus!

Our annual company meeting "Envision" provides education, recognition, and connection

4. Recognizing and rewarding team members

Recognizing and rewarding your team members is essential to creating a positive workplace culture. Employers should celebrate team members achievements, provide incentives, and offer competitive salaries and benefits. At Access, we strive to ensure our team feels appreciated and rewarded with an annual incentive trip open to all departments, annual, quarterly and monthly awards.  Our team is incredibly talented, and we want to shout it from the rooftops!

5. Promoting teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration are essential for a successful workplace. Employers that foster teamwork and encourage shared ideas create a place where everyone is valued and heard. When employees work well together, they are more likely to be productive and satisfied with their jobs.

The Access team demonstrates this daily on every project in every way possible. One of our company values that we live by is “Always Collaborate, we create the extraordinary – together.” And we do!  The success of our clients’ programs truly takes a village, and our team is always prepared to deliver just that.  Each of our departments work together to collaborate on our clients’ success: our National Team, Local Teams that include Creative, Events and Sales departments, Leadership, Procurement, Risk Mitigation/Contracting.  Everyone involved is valued. They’re on the team and have something to contribute to our clients’ success and they know it!

6. Embracing diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are essential for creating a positive workplace culture. Employers should embrace diversity and promote an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.  As the largest majority women owned and led, national Destination Management Company, the success and diversity of our team is everything to us.  Our hiring practices reflect an environment where everyone is heard, valued and respected.  We value our team members’ diverse backgrounds and believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table, no matter what.  Embodying this vision is crucial to our team, and our leadership strives to do so every day.

Washington DC Team Members onsite on the Field
San Antonio and Austin team outing to the Rodeo
Florida team goes behind the scenes at a brand new Cirque show
Denver team rock climbing activity team outing
Barbara Bridges selfie with our Field Staff team member at an event
Vail team celebrating together at a team bonding activity
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Creating a best place to work environment requires effort and commitment from both employers and employees. By cultivating a positive company culture, fostering communication, providing opportunities for growth and development, encouraging work-life balance, recognizing, and rewarding employees, promoting teamwork and collaboration, and embracing diversity and inclusion, employers can create a workplace where employees feel valued and engaged. We believe that we owe it to our employees to create the best environment we can, and want our team to enjoy what they do!