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To Be Designed

San Diego and Southern California Region
Experiential Design Woman-Owned Charitable Sustainability-Practices Small business Locally-owned
The TBD team is collaborative, talented and diverse creative powerhouse. When we team up with them to design an event, there’s no stopping us.

Who do you call when you’ve seen it all and you need something different?  TBD, that’s who.

Owner of TBD, Jillian Ziska

To Be Designed started in 2016, right as the industry was really starting to demand more custom, creative, visually stimulating elements with style.  That’s when owner, Jillian Ziska, realized that San Diego needed something different, something more than what was currently in the marketplace.  Clients needed a space they could go and dream up something spectacular…a fully operational design studio, and a décor company that could actually pull it off.  Creating and growing a company that was built on a foundation of creating the things we wish existed has been Jillian’s mission in life, and we’re here for it.

Why do we love working with TBD?  It’s that special touch; the extras.  In an industry that demands quick response time, competitive pricing and “something we’re never seen before” (but show me pictures!) recreating event themes over and over can become quite a challenge.  TBD has that “secret sauce,” that “extra mile,” as they succeed in bringing something different to the table each and every time. How’s that for creativity? A unique inventory paired with big creative energy brings it every time.  This locally-owned, women-led design company has it all, and are a pleasure to work with.

Speaking of creativity, during the pandemic, TBD took the opportunity to reinvent their services.  They established a service to take events online, partnered with a local production to build an in-studio space in the back of their warehouse, dabbled in online classes and virtual client appreciation events, as well as created their home interiors and staging brand To Be Decorated.  And while each opportunity taught them something new, they were beyond thankful to have in person gatherings back in business, because that is their true passion.  We’re impressed, are you?

"We have traveled with Access to create dynamic set ups and unique experiences for their clients all over Southern California.  The challenge of managing both quantity and unique designs for every client has been both fun and stretching as we’ve pushed our imaginations to the fullest!"
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In addition to being a creative powerhouse, TBD is dedicated to making a positive impact on both our industry and the local community.  They practice green initiatives in house, doing their best to reuse and recycle as much as possible to limit their footprint.  They donate time and services to many local charities and organizations including the Warrior Foundation, up-and-coming women in business, and RAD Camp for their summer camp and their annual Gala.  RAD Camp stands for Rising Above Disabilities, and offers activities, summer camps and programs that service both children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities.

If you ask Jillian the secret to her success, she’s got one word for you: team.  “It’s important to us that every person knows the why behind our business and how we accomplish that together, united.”  From the sales, to creative, to the warehouse and fabrication teams, and operations, TBD is truly a crew full of heart.  They care, they’re true partners and that’s why we love working with them.