Worldwide Oil & Gas Company
Rocky Mountains, Vail, Colorado; Orange County, California
Top Partner Conference & Appreciation

For this elevated customer event, this Fortune 100 company looked to Access (for the 7th time!) to help curate multiple events and experiences for their top customers.

The Story

For some of these customers, being well-traveled is part of their make-up, so impressing them can prove to be challenging. But with Access, we helped our client discover new and interesting ways to deliver local adventures. We also ensure from the second they landed, they were relaxed and cared for from the airport to the 5-Diamond property.

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Our Approach

The evening events are where we helped our client shine. A Colorado welcome with many special interactions and local touches. All culminating with a final night that was literally built into the mountainside. From a historic ranch, guests were transferred via horse-drawn wagons to a private mountain retreat. The fun only started when they arrived.

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the result

In end, we can happily share that we made many happy guests which made for a happy rest (for our client!).

Client Testimonial

"Access created a memorable and engaging experience that our company and brand front and center in the mind of our customers. I'm proud my senior leadership saw first hand what I have know for years about Access. It's always my pleasure and privilege to work with this team and can't wait to do it again!"

Director of Conferences & Symposiums