Medical Association
Denver, CO; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL
Celebration event for education conference for over 6,000 people.

There is something unique, and uniquely challenging, about pulling off a single-night million dollar event. But since Access is in the business of delivering shared experiences meant to inspire our clients people, we were up to the task. For this healthcare association's welcome night, nothing short of a high energy celebration would suffice.

The Story

For this conference, healthcare professionals and key stakeholders globally come together to network with industry peers from around the world and immerse themselves in a wide range of educational and innovative sessions. When the work was done, they also wanted to celebrate.

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Our Approach

Each year, Access worked with our clients to select a standout venue that would delivery something unique to the city and also customized to their group. Since we know, year-over-year, what they liked and what worked (as well as what wasn't as successful), we became like a fine wine, getting better every year.

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the result

From Denver to Philadelphia and Chicago, we curated destination concepts that highlighted local and nationwide trends. We worked hard to ensure the food and beverage tied perfectly to the theme. We worked tirelessly on logistical plans and weekly or biweekly calls with the planning team to ensure we communicated, they were informed and ultimately we were all engaged and focused on delivering something memorable.

Client Testimonial

"The venues are always wonderful, but it's Access that makes the events great!"

Director of Conferences & Events