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National Thanksgiving Day Parade

National Thanksgiving Day Parade

About the

6abc Television / Dunkin' Donuts
Build viewership by innovative and creative programming

The ACCESS Philadelphia team has been helping produce the The 6abc Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade for more than 20 years!  event like this requires much more than booking a few floats or balloons like the ones you see on TV.  The challenges and objectives outlined by the event owners include: 

– Create one-of-a-kind live television holiday programming.
– Produce a live street parade experience for over half a million spectators in Philadelphia.
– Build viewership by innovative and creative programming.
– Promote client’s brand through strategic marketing and promotional efforts related to the Parade.

To meet the challenges, ACCESS team members move into 6abc studios for eight weeks prior to the event.  The team is responsible for overseeing all elements of the event – from creative content, operations management, television production, local and national parade talent, artistic direction, vendor relations, sponsor fulfillment and more. While the eight weeks leading up to the parade are certainly the most intensive, the planning of the event is virtually a year-round planning process for ACCESS and its co-producers.

The parade continues to be a huge success year after year event was a huge success has consistently been the most-viewed Thanksgiving Day Parade since measurements began in 2006!

A note from the producer

“This event is a personal favorite of mine, especially with my treasured family history and memories of attending and volunteering at the Parade. The spirit of Philadelphia is alive and celebrated every November and I am blessed to apart of this time honored tradition.”

– Maria DiBenedetto, ACCESS Philadelphia President and Partner