Military Home Makeover

Military Home Makeover

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Underwriter Labs
"Change up" their team building routine in a meaningful way

Underwriter Labs approached us about designing an experience that went beyond the typical team building activity.  While they still wanted the bonding benefits of a traditional team building program, this one had to be different.  After some collaborative discussions about what they ultimately wanted to accomplish, together we determined that a CSR project would “change things up” in just the right way.

We developed “Extreme Military Makeover” to help a young military spouse who found herself unable to keep up with home maintenance while her husband was deployed on his third tour of Iraq. While the young woman and her three children were treated to a trip to Legoland for the day, more than 70 volunteer participants replaced fences, landscaped the lawn, caulked, painted, built shelves, and more. When the young mother and her children returned to see the volunteers and the significant improvements they had made to their home, it was waterworks all around.

At dinner after the event, attendees shared stories and celebrated the day’s positive impact, both on them and and the family they were able to help.

CSR: a no-brainer

CSR programs can be so tremendously impactful for everyone involved – the beneficiaries, program participants, and your organization. One of the easiest ways to incorporate CSR into your program is to build an event around a charity or organization your company is already supporting. It’s a great way to continuing your ongoing support, build bonds among your employees, and benefit your brand’s image. A win-win-win!