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A Message from our CEO


There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said about what our industry is currently facing. It’s been heartbreaking to see how quickly these challenging times have affected practically every sector of the meetings and events world. While the timeline for getting back to “business as usual” is difficult to predict at this time, you can rest assured that ACCESS will be here for you when that happens. Throughout our entire 50+ year history, ACCESS has been a fiscally conservative organization with accounting procedures and protocols in place to treat each program like its own bank account. Deposits received for your program are used to secure services and goods for that program – not for other programs, overhead, or other expenses. This has been our practice for decades and will continue to be in the years to come.

Continuing to Move Forward…

We understand that there is still work to be done and programs to plan as we all adapt to this ever-evolving situation. To help keep your planning process moving forward, ACCESS is offering complimentary virtual site inspections to all of our clients. While access to venues and hotels is limited, we will be working with those suppliers to create something custom for you.

Future Assurances…

As we plan for future events, we want to ensure that your programs are as financially secure as possible, so ACCESS is currently exploring new financial practices and protocols including:

  • Program Escrow Accounts
  • Transparent Supplier Vetting to Ensure Secure Customer Deposits
  • Event Insurance

It’s easy to forget how truly connected our industry is until we find ourselves in challenging times like these, and it has been truly inspiring to see the outpouring of support and camaraderie among organizations and individuals alike as we work our way through this together. It’s been said that “the best method for overcoming obstacles is the team method” and I’m fortunate to be part of an industry-wide team that I’m confident will overcome this challenge.



Jennifer Miller, DMCP
Chief Executive Officer