• April 13, 2016

Event Trends Shaping 2016… Experiences are In & Going Green

Great Places

As the event industry continues to move at such fast pace, event and meeting planners are constantly looking at new and unique ways to make their events fresh, engaging and impactful.

With this in mind, Jaclyn Bernstein, President and Partner at ACCESS New York Metro, previously Empire Force Events, has generously shared her time with us to bring you some of the hot trends shaping up this year, in this three part article.

Events are Out, Experiences are In

It’s official: Traditional hotel meeting or conference rooms are still used, with innovative design, however pop up event venues are in and trending in a big way! Event planners are being tasked with thinking beyond the norm to find new and exciting ideas for upcoming events – especially in the corporate sector. Pop up event venues provide the unique opportunity to have a blank canvas on which to experiment with marketing ideas and create something magical. Transform a raw space into an underground 70’s disco. Find an industrial venue to create an outlandish steampunk event. Book a hotel for your guests and find an unused retail space around the corner to host an interesting evening complete with old-school kids games, and era-based dance lessons, food and cocktails, all reflecting on a simpler time.

Planners are always finding new ways to keep it clever, such as creating an experience within an experience. For instance, guests have a riddle to solve and those who solve it correctly gain access to an exclusive speakeasy party — within the actual event itself (think getting behind the secret curtain).

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Keeping it Healthy & The Rise of the App

Hand in hand with going green is eating healthy, and again, we are seeing that the healthy eating movement is no longer a trend — it’s the new norm. As people are becoming increasingly savvy about what they put into their bodies, the demand for healthy food and snack options, as well as dietary restrictions is on the rise. Clients are jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon as well, acknowledging that healthy guests are more likely to be energized, engaged and productive. Event planners are finding interesting ways to include healthy food options such as taco bars with vegetarian (even vegan) options, creative salads and fresh fruit, alongside traditional “fun, but bad for you” options such as gourmet doughnuts.

Designing a menu with local and sustainable ingredients is also another way that planners are considering health and the environment in their planning, and gives guests a destination experience.

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